I Started Drinking Collagen and I’m Obsessed with the Benefits

This month marks my one year anniversary for taking collagen! I can’t believe it. The benefits I have noticed in not only my hair, nails, and skin, but also as a former pro athlete and mom of two young boys, it seems to help with my recovery in my joints, tendons, and ligaments. It also is known to make bones stronger – I have not tested my bone density before and after of this benefit, but have a pretty good suspicion that it is working on keeping my strong bones too!

I use two tablespoons in my coffee every morning


I just returned home from San Diego for a long weekend as I was part of the Blogfest and IDEA World Fitness Convention. It is a weekend full of energy, encouragement and of course tons of enthusiasm. We are fitness people you know – and with all the working out and exercising, we have all those extra “happy” endorphins floating around the room! With that being noted, it was quite a weekend of learning and growing.

Hanging with some brilliant Bloggers from Blogfest and one of our fantastic speakers and Yoga expert Sadie Nardini (with cool mohawk!)


In fact, it was one year ago this time, that I started on my collagen journey. I tried the collagen from Great Lakes Gelatin when I was at this conference in 2017, and I absolutely loved it. Because it is a hydrolysate, which means it is in a powder form that mixes instantly with either hot or cold. I have tried a few other brands for comparison, and the Great Lakes Gelatin does not have a taste. In fact it is a staple in my coffee.


Like I mentioned above, when I am not speaking or training clients, I am a mom. We had our kiddos late in life at 41 and 44 years old. I am constantly on the go with my two boys, so I have to be very selective to what else I include into my daily routine. Collagen has become a must. As you age past 25 years old your natural production of collagen continues to decrease. Not good if you are trying to age gracefully.

Yoga at the beach is always a favorite of mine.


What is Collagen

Collagen is an important building block of the skin, so it can help keep you looking young as well as it can heal your skin. Like seriously, it’s true! I have had some friends who are taking the Great Lakes Gelatin tell me that it has helped heal their acne scars and scarring. That is because collagen mends and rebuilds the damage that is done to connective tissue, while it will also improves your bone strength, ligaments, and tendons in the same way!


So now here is the best part. I have had the most noticeable difference from drinking my collagen in the reduction of fine lines! Collagen strengthens blood vessels, makes the skin softer, more elastic and prevents and fixes fine lines. YES!  Since collagen improves skin tissue strength and assists the body in replacing dead skin cells, it promotes firmer skin, stronger nails, and even glossier hair. My hair definitely grows faster, and I have had a lot of new hair growth starting too. (Sometimes those little “wispies” fly away a bit too much for their own good, but even the little ones are growing faster so I am really ok with it!)


Lastly, I have noticed it has reduced the appearance of cellulite. Now I have always worked out, and my workouts haven’t changed since taking the product, but the results have changed with using collagen. The appearance of cellulite is reduced because it rebuilds the fibers that make cellulite more visible  – insane right?!


Where does it come from

You may be wondering where collagen is derived from, it is typically sourced from the bones and tissues of animals like cows, fish, chicken, and pigs. Let me tell you, not all collagen is created equal; you definitely need to look into which animal is used. Beef is one of the best – and it happens that Great Lakes Gelatin is sourced from Kosher, pasture-raised, and grass fed beef. Yes, that makes this product top of the line.

Great Lakes Gelatin uses testing practices on their product.


How do I use it

Since I drink one coffee everyday, it is easy for me to add to my espresso. The recommended serving size is two tablespoons twice a day. Every single day I do get one serving in, and most days I get the second serving in the afternoon in my green tea. In the winter time it is nice to add to soups or chicken broth. Now that it is smoothie season, I throw it in there. It is also great in oatmeal and baking. I have even used in some of my no bake desserts like protein balls.


When I travel I bring the travel packets because they are already measured out for the single serving. Just tear open and add. I flew back on Sunday, and grabbed a decaf iced-coffee at the airport. I had the packet in my bag, mixed it in and gave myself a serving of collagen – 12 grams of protein.

I love to use these travel packets on trips or just to keep an extra in my purse. You never know when you may need it!


I use Collagen Endurance before my workouts. This collagen has an added kick of caffeine. Mix this with 16 ounces of water, mix, drink and you are ready for that awesome workout. It comes in two flavors cherry or strawberry cherry. Yes, they taste great!!


Why Did I Choose This One

When I investigate a product, I like to try a variety of companies, look at reviews, and then experience what works for me. So for me, Great Lakes Gelatin has been the winning product that I use. With the tasteless and instant mixing capabilities, it makes it easy for me to add into my morning routines. The company has had a great track record. When you have been in fitness as long as I have, you see a lot of gimmicks, “fly-by-night”, and just crazy kind of products out there. But this one has surpassed them all. It has been around since 1922 creating and distributing collagen hydrolysate. They do testing on the product to make sure each batch exceeds the recommended standards. This product works for so many food types like gluten free, no MSG, non GMO, Kosher, Keto certified, certified paleo friendly, verified glyphosate, and all natural.


Let me know if you decide to give it a try. Leave me a message and let me know which benefits you notice first!


I would be HONORED if you would consider doing any/all just ’cause you’re so darn fabulously sweet 🙂

It will really make me SMILE really really big 🙂

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