Top 10 Favorites about BlogFest with Sweat Pink 2017


While it is only a week since the BlogFest, the excitement and possibilities are limitless. What a whirl wind of a weekend. I am so thrilled I was accepted to the IDEA World Fitness BlogFest hosted by Sweat Pink for the second year in a row. There were so many applicants and not everyone was able to participate. So I was definitely grateful to be there.


Not only were we surrounded by smart healthy living people, but also we meet some pretty fantastic and high quality companies. Here are the main sponsors and featured sponsors.



Core Sponsors of BlogFest 2017


Featured Sponsors of Blogfest 2017


Wednesday night some of the bloggers and I met up for a group dinner in old Las Vegas – which was pretty cool. In all of my years of being there for different trade shows and events, I haven’t yet seen this area.


Old Las Vegas street lights.


A few of the gals and I decided we had to do a Sprinkles (cupcakes – oh yes I did eat it!) run. Before heading over there, we had to grab a pic. Check out the type of store this is? It is the 12a.m. Run store – It’s kinda hilarious since my body isn’t really comfortable running, nor am I a night person. But it was fun to be silly in the picture.


Check it out – my favorite store – “12a.m. Run”!! Awesome right?!


This two-day event started with a bang on Thursday morning. There were two excellent technical speakers, then off to the Opening Ceremonies where we saw Elaine LaLanne give the most prestigious Jack LaLanne award to Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego. This was pretty exciting to see and very happy for Todd in all his success. Many years ago in 2005 we were in a master mind group together led by Ali Brown, so it is really encouraging to see his accomplishments.


Elaine LaLanne presenting the prestigious Jack LaLanne award to Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10.


There were so many quality companies that sponsored the BlogFest. One of my favorites is Great Lakes Gelatin. Not only because of the cool name (I’m from the Great Lakes state of Michigan), but because it is a high quality collagen hydrolysate, that I have been loving. This is a family business that has been around since 1922, and has proven its quality by not only lasting, but thriving in an industry of quick claims and shiny pills that can fix anything – overnight. More to come on this product, but what a blessing to find this group.


Great Lakes Gelatin packs of Collagen Hydrolysate


Thursday night was a bang with the big party. Everyone got dressed up and ready to dance. I am still limited in what I can do physically because of a car accident over Memorial Day weekend. So I just socialized and enjoyed watching the others sport their dance moves. Taryn, my dear friend who met me in Las Vegas joined me in the fun. It was the perfect opportunity and location for us to get together since I am in Seattle and she is in Miami – we are in the absolute two farthest cities in the country! HA. Nonetheless, we made the most of our time. together. We definitely filled it with laughter, learning and a love of health and fitness.


Opening Ceremonies of the IDEA World Fitness conference, Taryn Foley Loughran and I all dressed up and ready to play!


Friday morning we fueled our bodies with a breakfast from Bell Institute. We also got to meet New York Times best selling author Jorge Cruise. What a special treat that was. He was not only friendly and personably with all of us (remember there were over 100 for breakfast), but also took a moment personally sign and give us all his new book, “Tiny and Full” to take pics with us. Pretty cool.

Jorge Cruise

Jorge Cruise and I hanging during breakfast, and I couldn’t resist a signed book!


If that wasn’t enough motivation, next up was our keynote speaker, Todd Durkin. Ready to get us fired up. He encouraged us to keep our minds right. That means keeping a positive mindset, reaching for your goals, and staying focused on those goals.

Todd Durkin Jack LaLane Award winner

Laura Mak Fitness with Jack Lalane Award winner Todd Durkin


So I used to be that gal that would use a water bottle for a period of time then discard when needed. I am beyond thrilled to find this one – Takeya. I will never lose the flip top, it is easy to clean, and keeps cold for 24 hours without sweating. Who wants their designer purse full of water condensation? Not me! And  . . . Look at all the fun colors it comes in?! I could coordinate with every outfit! Heeehee.

Takeya and Laura Mak Fitness

Takeya water bottles and I – stretching at the booth


While I couldn’t take the class, because of my injuries, it  was a thrill to meet the Hollywood Trainer – Jeanette Jenkins as she taught the Strong by Zumba class for Blogfesters.


Jeanette Jenkins taught the Strong by Zumba for BlogFest



Here is a fun shot from our final night mixer with sponsors. This was with a group from TRX.


The gang flexing with TRX trainers


And just wanted to give a shout out and big THANK you to all the gals of Sweat Pink and Fit Approach who put the entire event of for us. It was outstanding in so many ways. Learning new technologies to implement, quality companies to meet with, and amazing women to create lasting friendships.


Blogfest Group pic see Laura Mak in purple dress near the middle.


Well that is all from the Blogfest 2017. Now I am on the countdown until 2018.


Actually I am diligently applying so many of the techniques and strategies into action. You can check out more from my next few days at the IDEA World Fitness Convention where I was in the first class to get certified on the IntelliRoll’s Spine-First Functional Training. See more pics from the next two days.

Having fun at the Sweat Pink – Fit Approach booth.



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