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Are you a woman who is always carting the kids around, running a business, handling errands, meeting the plumber cleaning the house and. . .  countless other day-to-day tasks? Yet you are tired of being tired –  and all the other old “excuses” – and . . .




– Have a few “trouble spots” you’d like to work on
– Want to fit into your favorite “old” jeans again
– Would love to strengthen your muscles beyond those “grocery bag” bicep curls
– Know diet alone won’t cut it
– Need an organized plan you can do at home or at the gym… and in a reasonable amount of time

In other words, you’re busy but ready to SEE RESULTS with a REAL workout that fits into YOUR schedule. One that will improve your health, confidence, relationships, professional life, finances and even your faith.

But does such a thing exist? You bet, and you can get started right now with the program I created.


I designed the “Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously Fun!” (a.k.a. “5F”) workout program and e-book to truly inspire you to regularly engage in physical activity. After all, being physically fit can fill you with happiness and provide a plethora of wellness. It helps you think clearly, walk confidently, feel great and look even better. Like I often say: Be Fit. Be Smart. Be Happy. And I believe this is a gift we all truly deserve.


Even better is that your being fit not only positively affects you, but everyone around you, including your family, friends and co-workers. This harmonious effect then extends past your world and into your community and beyond. And yet…

— According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 33% of Americans are obese and 25% are overweight. That means over half of Americans have 20lbs or more to lose! Even with obesity being a common news theme, statistics like that are downright shocking.
— Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, shows that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009. This is an even higher statistic. But then there’s this. . .
— Regarding females alone, 2-4% of girls and women will struggle with an eating disorder or borderline condition. That translates into 5-10 million females!

Together those statistics tell us more than 65% of Americans have some sort of unhealthy relationship with their weight… from one extreme to the other! Scary isn’t it? Even scarier is that these extremes are both growing and deadly.

So what can we do about it? It all starts with one word: balance.


ORDER YOUR COPY HERE and get started immediately



That’s right. Without balance in your life, you will never find that happiness and wellness I mentioned earlier. Because balance CENTERS and GROUNDS you. It gives you a sense of CALM, a place to come back to when life gets a little (or a lot!) crazy. And I know no better way to achieve balance than through physical fitness. Better yet, through a structured, consistent, challenging and fun, fun, fun program like Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously Fun!

I know this because fitness has been there to keep me balanced my whole life. I was a gymnast growing up and even competed on scholarship in college. And I didn’t stop there.

I went on to earn my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This is one of the most recognized designations in the fitness industry, and it enabled me to do something I absolutely love… working with collegiate and professional athletes!

But I’ve also continued to feed my competitive spirit as an IFBB Fitness Pro competitor, and I’m proud to say I’ve been very successful…

Most notably, I won the prestigious NPC Nationals in just 1 record-setting year (when most competitors take several) to earn my IFBB Fitness Pro card. I’ve also earned a top-10 ranking internationally as one of the most recognized competitors in the fitness industry.

Even through my successes and progress I, too, have fluctuated in weight and intensity over the years. Just 20lbs, give or take, depending on what I had going on in life or was focusing on physically then… gymnastics, competition, lifestyle health or just overall wellness. And while that 20lbs wasn’t nearly what many people are dealing with these days, it still felt pretty drastic to me.


Since fitness had just always been my way of life, though, I also always had a training regimen to lean on. A program that was targeted and changed to meet my goals at that time.  And THIS kept me CENTERED… balanced. Because…only consistency in physical exercise can you achieve a fit lifestyle.


Thankfully, this consistency is something you can learn. I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients when I help them move past the short-term, quick fixes to achieve their fitness needs, goals and desires with a targeted workout program.

And now…. IT’S YOUR TURN to achieve your own fitness dreams – maybe some you’ve never even thought of – with Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously Fun!

My 12-week workout program is for woman just like you who want to finally follow through and…
— Work on those trouble areas
— Get more energy to last throughout the day
— Combat weight-related diseases like high cholesterol and high blood pressure
— Combine cardio and resistance training into one workout
— Hit all your muscle groups
— Burn serious calories
— Tighten your midsection
— Lengthen and lean out your legs
— Develop your arms
— Challenge yourself
— Try a FUN workout for a change

All IN JUST 30 MINUTES a day with the help of my guidance, step-by-step breakdowns and color photos of each exercise! PLUS, you can do my 5F workouts at home, in the gym or while traveling with the most basic fitness equipment out there.

And when you’re done… fitness WILL be a part of your lifestyle, too. You’ll be so used to carving out time for yourself everyday, getting your blood pumping, sweating up a storm… it will just be ingrained into your life. Besides… You. Will. Look. And. Feel. Fabulous. Why in the world would you want to stop?

That’s right… you won’t. You’ll keep going. Now you just have to get started. And I will be the one to guide you to your fitness goals with Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously Fun!


**For more training routines  you can check out my fitness and inspiration book, “Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously FUN!” This is a twelve week program, complete with exercise descriptions, photos of each movement, motivational guidelines, tracking system, progressions for each level of fitness, weekly upgrades on fitness programs, and most of all, FUN creative workouts that leave you more energized, looking great, and feeling fantastic!!!


So go ahead and order your copy now and if you are one of the first 200 who purchase a copy of Fast and Fierce Fitness Made Fabulously FUN, you will be entered to win a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute Fitness by Phone call with me. I will help you get started on your program, answer any fitness questions you may have, and get you the motivation you are looking for to reach your optimal fitness goals!!


We will have five (5) winners who will be emailed on September 1, 2015. I will need an email response from you within 48 hours or the next winner will be selected via


I look forward to hearing about your success and working with you soon!! 🙂



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