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Laura's Gym

Exercise and fitness has always been my passion. I have worked with clients all over the country (and some internationally). No two days are the same just as no two clients are the same. This is one reason I love sharing the gift of fitness, I am continually challenged to create new workouts based on individual needs and goals.


I remember when I was about eighth grade (growing up in Waterford, Michigan), and back when I was very competitive in gymnastics. My dad said to me, “There is an interesting career trend starting in Los Angeles, where people hire a personal trainer, and that is someone who teaches them how to exercise properly.” At the time a “career” in anything seemed far off, but it certainly intrigued me. It struck an interest in me enough that in college I decided fitness was really my passion – to move muscles and make my body healthy and strong, and I knew just had to share it with others.


In this section you will find cool high tech gadgets, great home training tools, and workout related “must-haves”. This is one of my favorite sections to share. I have been in the industry for over 20 years so I am pretty good at spotting a “fad” that will flop sooner that later, and not leave you with the benefits it promised you. There will be a wide variety of training goodies that will be featured here, so be sure to check back often, as I hope to give you perks that companies pass on to me.


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