Realize Your Greatness
For three months, we will be working with you to catapult you into the New Year ready for action and accomplishments. You'll receive two in person training sessions, goal setting workshop, exercises, nutrition planning and online group encouragement so you receive the most out of the program. Plus, there will be prizes and surprises along the way to keep you motivated.
Enhance Your Greatness
Find out how to empower yourself to use your mind-body connection to create wins.
Strength and Wellness
We combine body and mind exercise to create a sweet spot where MAGIC happens to guide you to next level. Learn effective body resistant workouts that you can do at home or the gym.
Find Your Focus
Create a vision board that works to propel you the next level. We help you dream big and take actionable steps that realistically fit your lifestyle.
We are with you through the whole process from planning, implementing, and achieving. Engage with us daily online and stay the course with our live weekly sessions.
Who is this for?
This is the perfect program for a woman who is motivated to take her life from good to GREAT!

Our program is created for the busy woman - is there any other kind of woman really? This workshop shifts and unclear focus to a more laser focused vision. This program is the best for the woman who wants to maximize her results in a short amount of time. You can use this to concentrate on your fitness, business, relationship or any other type of goals.
How does this program work?
For three months we will be working with you to achieve your fitness and life goals. We will meet in person for a vision board workshop and a body resistant workout to get your body and mind on the same page to succeed. We will send you goal setting tips each week and exercises you can do at home. If you need extra support during the week you can log into our PRIVATE Facebook group to get support from our like-minded women. We’ll get to see you daily. Yay!

In addition to the content, as a member of this group you will receive:
  • All the tools necessary to Succeed!
  •  Fitness Workouts
  •  Weekly Action Steps
  •  Weekly LIVE discussions
  •  Answers to your questions
  •  Motivation
  •  Accountability
  •  Family-friendly recipes
  •  Support from our community of women
  •  You will meet new people to add to your personal 'support' team to help each other!
You will finally be able to concentrate on your BIG goals. You will gain the confidence to take actionable steps to successfully fulfill your goals whether they are fitness, relationship, business, or career.
Why should I join?
Laura Mak and Ngina are both experts in their fields with years of experience and education. They have combined forces to create a unique workshop that will not only help you start moving forward but actually achieve your goal's. Stop beating yourself up for starting and stopping what you really want to do. Let the experts support you along the way so you can enjoy what you have always thought
about or have been dreaming of for years. Now is the best time to get started on being the greatest you. Not only will your health improve, but you will also feel stronger and in control. Enjoy this new creative confident person that you will grow into. We are here to coach you, light your fire, and get you thinking about new possibilities for your life.

There are limited spots available so be sure to register now. Why not invite a girlfriend to go through the “Realize Your Greatness” workshop, as it is always more fun to grow with friends. We will have an awesome bonus package for both of you when mentioning at registration.

This is a special priced package for the Realize Your Greatness Workshop, as we have done our best to give you the greatest value.
Two Personal Training LIVE workouts $300
Nutrition Guidance $175
Vision Board Workshops $250
Online LIVE Q&A $100
Mak Attack Fitness Pak Membership $47
Gift Bags from Sponsors valued at $300
Accountability coaching daily $300

All included would be over $1600, 
but we have been able to bundle this up for you 
for a Greatness rate of $397.

We are thrilled an honored you have chosen to work with us. We definitely look forward to helping you reach your best results possible. See you in January!!
I am excited to work with you and have you become part of our Realize Your Greatness community!
Sign up above to join and make 2019 GREAT.