How To Keep Yourself Healthy Every Day

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Too many people go on crazy diets or start to work out a ton in order to ‘get healthy,’ trying everything they can to take care of it all at once. But the best way to keep yourself healthy is to make healthy living a habit – something that is part of your every day. Follow these three tips for healthy daily living, and you will find that your body and mind feel better than they’ve ever felt before!




First, probably the part of healthy living that gets most overlooked is sleep, as many people decide they “function fine” on little sleep. But regardless of whether you function fine on little sleep, your body should get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and few of us make sure we get this! If you want your body and your mind to remain healthy, you need to start making sure you give them the right amount of sleep. If you are a parent, then you know all too well how those rough nights of sleep can really affect you and your little ones. Again proving that you do need sleep to not only just function, but to thrive not in a cloudy haze just making it through until the end of the day. This is a tough concept to incorporate and with a toddler, I am still trying to find out the magic formula for him and us to sleep all through the night. So when those glorious nights of more than five or six hours happen, it just feels heavenly!


Second, keeping a close eye on what you put into your body is, of course, another major part of making sure that your body remains healthy. When people think of putting the right things into their body, they often think of food, but it is easy to forget that liquids are part of this also. In addition to making sure you avoid sugar-filled, carbonated beverages as much as you can, you should also drink about a gallon of water each day. Now a gallon may seem like a lot. But if you break it up through out the day, then it is totally possible. If you are not even drinking 64 ounces, then you will gradually need to increase your water intake. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. I like to carry a 24 ounce water bottle with me. It isn’t too heavy and I know I can just fill it five times to nearly reach my gallon a day. I break it up into sections of the day. Morning 7-10am, mid morning 10-12pm, lunch 12-2pm, mid afternoon 2-5pm, and dinner 5-8pm. I try not to drink much before bed as you do not want to be waking up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom. If 24 ounces at each of those times seems a little overwhelming, then just start with the consistency of finishing a 12 or 15 ounce bottle and each week increase your water bottle size a little bit. I always have clients ask me this too, “Doesn’t drinking so much water all day make you have to use the bathroom more often?” The answer is yes and no. Yes, some days I may go a little bit more often, but I also have good control because I have slowly increased my intake.




Lastly and perhaps the most difficult part of keeping your body healthy every day is exercising properly and consistently. Because exercise can be an inconvenience, too many people decide to skip it altogether, but it is a necessary inconvenience if you want to remain healthy. You do not need to undertake a daily aggressive workout routine, but you do need to make sure you get your blood pumping and muscles working. This can be accomplished through regular trips to the gym, or through something as simple as some walking every day after you get off work. You can find lots of short and effective workouts here on our blog in both strength and cardio. These should give you a good start and inspiration to continue to move in the right direction.


It is easy to keep your mind and body healthy, but you need to make sure you follow these tips and keep up with it every day in order for this to happen! So no time like the present to begin



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