How To Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

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I have preached this to my clients for years and now I get to share the same message with my kiddos.


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and my four-year old repeats that with me so he knows we always make time for our breakfast.  But even in spite of this widely-accepted fact, many of us decide we are simply “too busy” to make sure we get a healthy breakfast in us. If you want to reach your optimum level of health, it will be important that you make sure to eat something at the start of the day – and even if you are “too busy,” there are a lot of options for eating a healthy breakfast on the go.



Of course, if you want to eat your breakfast on the go, you will need food that will be easy to take with you in the car or on the subway – but this does not necessarily mean you have to bring just a bagel or a muffin along; there are so many other options. Here are three of my favorite quickie breakfasts.


Breakfast sandwiches are a healthy way to begin the day. Scrambled eggs with a little light cheese and spinach on a whole grain toast or wrapped in a low carb or whole grain tortilla is an excellent option. Feel free to add some vegetarian breakfast patties or turkey bacon too. This combo will give you protein and complex carbs for energy.


Most grocery stores have a package of six hard boiled eggs. It doesn’t get easier than that, you don’t even have to cook them the night before. I add a dash of seasoning like a truffle salt, or oregano, or dill right into the bag. With a whopping 36g of protein (or a little less if you just eat two of the yolks), this protein power breakfast will sure give you a boost for the morning.


One of my favorites breakfast meals is protein pancakes. Not sure how to make them tasty? Check out these pumpkin pancakes. You can also modify the recipe and make the without the pumpkin. I like to make a batch of these on the weekend and then freeze them in serving sizes. Each batch I grill I may add a little more to it, such as chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc. Take your serving out the night before and it will be ready to go in the morning.


You may have noticed a theme with all of these on the go breakfasts, protein is definitely a key to start your day. I encourage you to have at least 15-20g of protein as part of your breakfast. Need a little more? Adding fruit is a great way to get your body going in the morning, as it is healthy for you and will start you off with the energy that is necessary for moving forward in your day.


It is also common for many of my clients to have some food left over after dinner, but it is unusual for them to think of this leftover food as “breakfast food,” and so they end up leaving these leftovers in the refrigerator and skip breakfast altogether. There is nothing wrong with bringing “dinner” leftovers for your breakfast; load some of your dinner into a tupperware after you finish eating, and the next morning you will have something that is easy to bring with you and either heat up when you get to work or eat cold on your way in.


For most people, it is not difficult for them to distinguish between “healthy” foods and “unhealthy” foods without help; now, all that is needed is to make sure you are making the effort to bring some of these “healthy” foods with you so you will be able to start your day the right way.


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