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Interview with B-House Photography


I had the pleasure of shooting with B-House photography for  the cover of the September 2012 Fitness X Magazine. What a pleasure and terrific experience it was. It was also my first cover shoot since having my son just seven months earlier, so needless to say, I still had a few of my own insecurities, but those were quickly put to rest with B-House’s professionalism and his techniques he used to “get the shot”.


Nonetheless, we were able to capture not only a winning cover shot but also several shots used throughout my articles featured in the magazine. There was an article I wrote on post natal training with your baby as well as an article that highlighted my accomplishments as a professional athlete, fitness expert, and my greatest chapter, being a new mom.


Here are some questions that I asked B-House so you can get to know him as well. 


1. How long and what got you interested in photography?

I first got interested in photography in grad school when I would take Easter break trips to the Yosemite Valley but it wasn’t until 1995 when I wen to visit my family in New Zealand that I really got into it.  Since then I’ve really enjoyed learning more and growing in various genres.


2. How would you classify your style and uniqueness as a photographer?

If I had to choose one word it would be tasteful.  Whether I’m shooting landscapes, sports, military, vintage, portrait, or fitness I always want to show respect to my subject(s) and the audience who will view my images in a way that is tasteful and respectful manner to both.  This is especially important when working with female models.  Secondarily, when the opportunity allows, I enjoy creativity.


3. What areas are your specialty?

My enjoyment of photography and life and pulled me in many different fields.  I started in landscape and always enjoy it though now that I’m living again in the big city I don’t do as much.  My favorites to shoot are: military, sports (especially college football), health and fitness, as well as vintage (early 1940’s styles).  I actually also shoot weddings, theatre, concert, and dance (mostly swing) plus I love photographing my wife and our four kids.


4. Have you have a favorite location shoot?

As for location, it depends on the genre. For sports – the Coliseum, for landscapes – the Yosemite Valley, for vintage – the Cicada Club in LA, and for health and fitness – Newport Beach.


5. What would you like to see happen in the next 5 years with your photography business?

I would love to keep doing what I’m doing but try to squeeze in a bit more with the military and USC football plus start to contribute to more magazines.
6. What advice would you give to new photographers getting started?
My best advice would be to keep shooting as often as possible in the genre they’d like to pursue, keep learning, don’t get arrogant (really, no one enjoys it), and invest first in better lenses before better camera bodies.

7. Can you share one of your secrets of how you get such great pictures from your subjects?

Remember that everyone is different and there is no one best way to shoot everyone.  Find what works best for each model and value their input.  Also, always treat all subjects with respect and, in my case, I always shoot as if my wife there.  🙂


8. Where can people find out more about you? Websites, social media, etc?

I have one website currently at with a second for health and fitness in development.  I also have a casual Facebook page at B-House Photography.


9. What thoughts would you like to leave our readers with?

Like all art, photography is very subjective.  My suggestion is to find someone whose style you really like and try to shoot with them if possible or someone with a similar style.  Also, some photos can open doors and while closing others.  Know which doors you want to go through and model accordingly.  Last, remember that once shots are on the internet and downloadable, they’ll always be there somewhere so choose wisely what you post or allow your photographer to post and which magazines you allow to publish your photos.



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