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This week we made some changes to my son’s school schedule and it has worked out wonderfully. We get more time together in the afternoon, and while it reduces my work time, it is more important for me to be with home right now.

This Tony Robbins quote seemed to come to mind as I was going through the change this week.

The blooms are beginning to arrive. The fresh possibilities of a new season.

This is what Tony Robbins says,

“Master Emotion ~ Master Life

Master Meaning ~ Master Life”

Basically this is saying how you interpret or feel about those difficult situations and what type of meaning you give to it can determine a lot in your life. We all know how easy it is to understand a happy or exciting situation right? But how can we better get through those challenges or tough times? What is your current go to?

Take time to enjoy the flowers as they come into bloom. Look at their details. It was magical to see my son enjoy this.

If you feel like you are being punished then will have a different feeling + response and a different emotion than if you are feeling like you are challenged and have an opportunity to grow from this “gift of a challenge”.

On those moments when I was frustrated that I had to “lose those last 60+ pounds of baby weight” (twice over) or that I now have 20 hours less per week to work on projects, I have had to remind myself that:

  1. Mindset perspective: I am grateful to have had two healthy children after multiple rounds of IVF  + an option to choose to be home and fully present.
  2. My journey: This is my story that I will get to share later and hopefully inspire + encourage someone else as they come out of their challenging time.
  3. Hello logic: I didn’t gain this over night so clearly I won’t lose it overnight. This new schedule is not forever. How about instead I let myself enjoy the moments we have together at this special age. Patience grasshopper. 
Spring is beginning to show up here in Seattle. It is a beautiful thing to see right now.

Nevertheless, we are blessed with so many precious moments when we just take a pause from the busyness of life. My son and I took a break from scootering to enjoy the spring blossoms. (I am so excited seeing them bloom now!!)

He carefully picked a beautiful flower, one for me and one for his daddy. His heart is so big and generous, I can’t help but feel full of gratitude and blessings.

“Here this one is for you mommy and I have another special one for daddy.”

You may be going through some sort of a fitness or life challenge right now. Viewing it as a positive challenge, visualizing your success, following a game plan, and taking massive action, you will likely be able to make a deeper lasting change. Find a more grateful emotion + meaning behind the journey and you are one step closer to your success! 

In fact, is there a time this week, a small or large moment that filled you with gratitude? Please share below with me in the comments, I LOVE reading and responding to these.

For more health and fitness fun join me in my 28 Day Jumpstart or the Online Mak Attack FitLife Community  Both are great options to work with me, even if you don’t live in my city. We can set up a complimentary consultation to see which program will fit you best.

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