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No Crunch Core Workout for a Flat Belly

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There is a lot of buzz lately about these waist trimmers – corsets that you can squeeze your body into to give others the illusion you really have this tiny waist.





What it really does is just shift your body a little bit up and a little bit down and all the while making it difficult to breathe, eat, and well even sit down. Does that sound fun to you? I didn’t think so. Good thing I have created a pretty cool workout for you – and it doesn’t include wearing a corset, it just makes you look like you are wearing one! These exercises will help your body tighten and trim belly fat. The training in this program, along with a strict diet, will help you to get that tight lean waist. I have included four exercises that you can do with NO CRUNCHES.


Frequency of Training Abs

LauraMakNoCrunchThe abdominal muscles recover quicker because you are not adding extra resistance to them. The rectus abdominis muscle will bounce back from the fatigue much faster than if we were doing a heavy leg workout for quads and hamstrings. You don’t have to train abs every day, but 4-5 days per week is beneficial and you’ll notice significant changes for the better. While training abs with this program, or just in daily life, remember to ALWAYS keep the abs pulled in towards your spine. It may take a couple of weeks to get into a habit of pulling your abs inward towards your spine. If you make a conscious effort to do this when standing up, driving into the car or just walking from place to place it will make a difference. Trust me: if you don’t make a concerted effort to pull the abs in, what happens is that your stomach just kind of falls out all over the place– and you won’t have the strength to keep the abs tight.


The No Crunch Core Workout is designed to help you work that crucial muscle naturally. When I was still competing in gymnastics I used to wear a one inch elastic waist band around my midsection. If my stomach stuck out at all, my coach would pull the elastic and snap it back against my stomach! Ouch!! That was how I learned, the hard way, to pull my abs in at all times. I’m not suggesting that you have to go through something so extreme. But any time you get up from your desk at the office, or stand up to get out of a chair, or exit the car – always pull your abs in and maintain good posture. This is one simple way you can incorporate your abs. Think of this as bonus core training. 🙂


Breathing & Abdominal Training

Exhale as you exert on any abdominal exercise: When you are crunching up or twisting—that’s when you want to exhale; and inhale as you release the contraction. It doesn’t have to be a deep or intense inhale or exhale—it’s really just natural breathing, where your breath begins and leads the movement.


Check out the exercises below to incorporate into your next abs training. You can also watch the workout on my Channel. Be sure to like and share with your friends.



Elbow Plank Hold



Keep your shoulders over your elbows and pull that belly in towards your spine. The eyes should be looking in between your fingers to keep your neck in good alignment with the spine. Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds.


Elbow Plank with Shoulder Move Front and Back


Stay in the same elbow plank pose and keep the body straight. Move the shoulders forward past the elbows and then press them back so they go behind the elbows. The head stays neutral and the belly in engaged tightly. Perform 20-25 reps.



Plank to Push Ups


Begin on the elbows then press one hand into the ground extending the elbow straight and then the other arm. Using the the same arm, return to the start pose. Repeat on both sides. 15 reps on each side.



Side Plank with Leg Raise


Place the elbow under the shoulder but the body is now facing to the side. The opposite arm is going straight up and extending towards the sky. Lift the top leg up about six to eight inches. 15-20 reps on each side.


Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. These exercises make a short workout, so great when time isn’t always on your side. With this workout you will get the heart rate going, the blood flowing, and receive all those positive endorphins. This exercise routine is a perfect way to burn some calories, flatten the belly and help you feel great all day. Be sure to watch the video on my YouTube Channel.

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