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Lifestyle Nutrition

Welcome to my kitchen! Here I look forward to sharing my “favorite” finds and healthy options for eating well now. Are you interested in the newest healthy gadgets, easy cooking tips, flavorful ingredients for nutritional cooking? Well these are just a few of the items I will be featuring in this section. As I have spent years and years trying new eating programs for the different chapters of my life – professional athlete, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free, I am now focusing on LIFESTYLE – simplicity and eating to fuel the body. It may appear that these different eating stages in my life have been quite different, the five things every chapter does have in common are:


  1. Drinking Water – aim for 64-128oz per day. If that seems like a lot, gradually increase your intake. Instead just eight ounce glasses of water increase it to 10 ounces for a week then 12 ounces the next and so on. Space it out throughout the day.
  2. Green Vegetables – these are so important and there are so many ways you can put these into your body – steaming, raw, juicing are just a few of the ways. Learn more about what the different ways and which ones provide the best nutritional value.
  3. Eating whole foods instead of processed foods – when you cut out the processed and packaged foods your body will respond and give you more energy throughout the day. I won’t say you can never eat processed again, but I will share tips and secrets of how to keep healthy natural snacks on hand, in the car, and ready for nutritious quick meals. (As a mom with two busy boys, I am a big fan of HEALTHY quick food fixes!)
  4. Increase your protein – Do you know how many vegetables give you quality protein – and taste good too? I don’t just mean increase your meat protein, but I do recommend increasing your protein through other sources where I will share scrumptious options that are nutritionally sound. I may even help you bring vegan into “Vogue”, even for a few meals!
  5. Fiber intake simply increased – this is one nutritional category that just doesn’t get enough publicity. The recommended daily allowance of fiber is 25g for women (38g for men) and the typical amount received during the day is closer to 15g. I have lots of easy solutions to not only get you to the minimums but help you go above and beyond.


These are just a few of the features you will find in “Laura’s Kitchen”, and of course I will share the secrets of what I used during my IFBB Fitness professional athlete days, but I will have a bigger focus on easy meal preparations and state of the art tools to use. Since I have two young children, I will also include some fun kiddo recipes and healthy snacks that both adults and kids can enjoy together.


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