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Laura Mak has had both a Master Fitness By Phone certification and a Master Lifestyle Fitness Coach certification. She blends the best of both of these together creating her Fitness Coaching program. She continues to base her expertise on these proven models. They leverage a concept called compliance programming confirmed by over 20 years of research at Stanford Research Center.


If you are someone that needs and enjoys accountability and can track your progress Fitness Coaching is for you. Fitness Coaching is best for people who have busy fluctuating schedules but can commit to one phone call per week and have access to e-mail. It is ideal for the person who is trying to balance work, kiddos and personal health. Fitness Coaching allows you ultimate flexibility and provides a system for keeping self-care on your priority list.


With this type of Fitness Coaching you will have your own team with you on your fitness journey. You will have access to your coach every day by phone or email. Not only will you have 7 days a week access to your coach, but also you will have a weekly, scheduled 20-minute phone conference so that you are accountable to someone other than yourself for your exercise program. Nope, you are not exercising while on the phone with Laura. The purpose of the call is to get specific focus and a game plan to move you towards achieving new progressive goals each week. This is how you continue to get new results.


We will design a program to meet your unique needs including cardio, strength, and flexibility. We will provide you with pictures and descriptions of exercises using different modes of strength and flexibility (your body weight, free weights, bands, balls, etc) you have access to. You don’t need heavy equipment. You will be surprised how you can get a strength workout by using just your own body weight. We might make suggestions along the way if we feel it is necessary for you to purchase any additional equipment.


We use motivational Activity Monitors, such as a pedometer or Fitbit and in many cases a heart rate monitor, to provide you with concrete information so that you know your workouts are really working. These simple to use tools act as your seven days a week, 24 hour a day personal trainers. They are easy to wear as well as comfortable. These devices allow you the versatility busy people need to be successful in sticking with their exercise programs. With your activity monitors you will not be limited to a particular time or place or person for your exercise. The feedback you get from these devices gives you the personal control and CONFIDENCE you are spending every minute of exercise effectively.


Specifically designed fitness trackers are necessary so that you can document your achievements each day and view your progress over time. By having you record your goals and your daily routines, you have the control over your results. This tracker is emailed to your fitness coach for review and evaluation, without exception, because without the tracker, there is no information to base your coaching session on. Using the fitness trackers will help to increase your commitment to your exercise routine, which will allow you to achieve your goals faster.


Fitness coaching is much more than just a simple phone call. The combination of the motivational Activity Monitors, the coaching trackers, the focus and expertise of an exercise specialist, and accessibility to your coach, make fitness coaching more successful than any other approach to personalized fitness training.


If you are a person that needs and enjoys accountability and can document your progress then Laura Mak Fitness Coaching is for you. Fitness Coaching is best for individuals who have continually fluctuating schedules, can COMMIT to one phone call per week, and have access to e-mail.


Click to set up a time for your free consultation. Here we will answer any other questions you have and will look forward to getting your started in reaching your desired health and fitness goals!!

Fitness Coaching by Laura Mak Fitness


  1. Uniquely created customized weekly workouts based on your individual schedule, lifestyle, and goals.
  2. Scheduled weekly personalized phone-coaching sessions to review progress, create specific focus and direction, and determine progressive workouts and goals



Fitness Coaching by Laura Mak Fitness combines guided training and coaching with a program that allows you ultimate flexibility and responsibility for your own personal health and fitness.


Research from Stanford University finds that this type of training system is more effective than one-on-one fitness training, perhaps because it places more responsibility on the client while still allowing one to take advantage of the advice and encouragement of a professional fitness trainer.



You will meet with your personal coach weekly by phone or skype. During these meetings you will:


  1. Establish your present fitness level and identify your fitness goals.
  2. Learn how to most effectively use your Activity Monitors, such as  Fitbit/VivoFit, Heart Rate Monitor, and Fitness Trackers to document your achievements each day and monitor your progress over time.
  3. Receive a customized weekly exercise and activity plan with targeted daily and weekly goals.
  4. Discuss progress and establish your customized weekly workouts.
  5. Measure progress and determine the next steps of goal achievement.

Consequently, fitness coaching is much more than a phone call or email. The combination of the motivational Activity Monitors, the coaching journals, the focus and guidance of an fitness expert, and accessibility to your coach all week, makes fitness coaching more successful than any other approach to personalized fitness training.


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