Pregnancy Fitness

It is such a miracle how our bodies can carry life and then deliver us the most precious baby we have ever seen. Our body goes through a plethora of changes during the 40 weeks pre natal and for many months post natal.


Whether your pregnancy is easy or difficult, nauseating or not, relaxing or stressful, I hope this section will give you encouragement along the way as well as motivation and inspiration after you welcome your baby.


Each trimester brings about different concerns and focuses for your body physically. I have created workout routines and stretches for each stage. It is so important to honor our body, the baby, and enjoy the experience.


For me just getting pregnant was a challenge in itself as I was in a high-risk category because of my age. I was an even higher-risk for the second time. Both births were pretty similar. I had to endure modified bed rest for the first trimester – this was a challenge in itself. But I reminded myself it was not about me, but about the baby and I told my doctor I was “coachable” (all of my gymnastics coaches used to tell me that so I am sticking to it) so I can follow the plan and trust the outcome of a healthy baby.


During my second trimester I was released to exercise and this was a great feeling, to be able to move and stretch, lengthen, and strengthen felt amazing. It was a different mindset and training experience than ever before. I listened to my body, and allowed myself to push on when I felt good and rest or practice a more restorative workout when I needed to.


The third trimester I still felt good most of the way when I was not nauseous. Since I was nauseated the whole way through the pregnancy, not vomiting but felt like I could at any moment, that was my biggest challenge. I did keep moving at an appropriate pace for me on any given day. Many times getting moving seemed to help everything, my mind, my body, and my nausea (to a certain extent).


Then three days after our due date, which felt like three weeks, our bouncing baby boy popped out. Again, listening to my doctor’s instructions, I had to keep on a very light movement plan for the first three weeks then I could begin a walking program. Because I had a C-section I did not want to risk injuring myself or tearing any stitches, so I listened and followed a very light-walking program diligently. Soon thereafter I was released to a moderate workout program. Typically it is recommended to allow the body six weeks recovery after a C-section and three weeks after a vaginal birth.


In this section I have created some great videos of short workouts and stretching programs you can follow based on your trimester. I have also shared tips on how to strengthen the abs post birth, effectively lose the weight, and regain some energy. The information I share with you here should leave you inspired, motivated and ready to get your energy back.

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